Why the Message Matters

important messageIn our swiftly evolving technologically focused society, we move faster and faster. We can do more in less time, and communicate to thousands of followers or dozens of employees instantaneously.

But what drives everything and yet gets less and less of our focus is content. 

storefrontYou can have the slickest-looking storefront or web page and draw gazillions of eyes to it. But if you have no compelling reason for people to stay, they won’t.

In any kind of business, you want your customers and clients to see value in what you are doing. How can you do that if you fail to communicate your message effectively?

How can you do that if you fail to identify your message first?

confusion controlThat’s the thing about content. Generating it requires clear thinking. It requires that you know what you’re trying to say, who you are, what you want your potential customers or clients to do, and what they can expect from you.

If you don’t take the time to think that through, your message will be unfocused, unclear, and unmotivating.

But once you have done the thinking, the message flows. Everything you do, every image on your website, every Tweet, every blog post serves to communicate that message. The consistency across a variety of fronts gets people to hear it.

At Inkshed, we’re all about the content.

At Inkshed, the message matters.

Photos courtesy of  Patrick DenkerElvert Barnes, and Patrik Tschudin.

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